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Sunday, 28 November 2010

I have set myself a new challenge! Starting on the Sunday 2nd of January 2011 I will make at least one new item a week using items retrieved from my household's rubbish.

The rules for the challenge are as follows:

1. Each item should be useful, decorative or both.

2. Each item must be made almost entirely from recycled / reused materials which would otherwise be discarded.

3. A small amount of materials such as beads and threads which are not recycled may be added but this must be kept to a minimum and must be from your craft stash i.e. Not brought in specially.

4. The items and materials to be used must be photographed at the start of each project.

5. A photograph of the finished item and a set of instructions must be published on the blog by the end of the week.

By Julie Williams - July Textiles

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