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Saturday, 5 February 2011

5th project completed - Frayed around the edges bag!

Well it's Saturday evening again so here is this weeks completed project. As promised it is made from recycled jeans.

The 'frayed around the edges' denim bag with slashed detailing and self tie closure

Materials needed to make the bag:
  • 2 Pairs of old denim jeans
  • Assorted scraps of brightly coloured fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Scissors


Base layers
  1. Cut out all the pieces: you will need 2 x denim bottoms, 4 x denim sides, and 2 x denim handle pieces cut on the fold. You will also need to cut 1 x bottom, 2 x sides and 1 x handle in each of your assorted colours. I chose layers of pink, light blue, orange and purple.
  2. Layer all the pieces up like a sandwich with denim 'bread' (see picture above) and pin securely, so you end up with 2 x sides, 1 x handle, 1 x bottom. Don't worry too much if they do not exactly line up as we will be trimming them back later.
Now to make the fabric more textured..........

1. On each piece work diagonal rows of stitching about 1cm apart (see picture below)

2. Now cut in between each row of stitching through all layers except the bottom denim layer

3. Now grab something abrasive like a scouring brush and scrub all over to fray the edges

4. Keep going until you are happy with the effect. Trim and tidy the edges where the inner layers have spread out.

Now we can sew the bag together

  1. Start by stitching around the handle and ties from the mark up with a zig zag stitch to bind the edges.
  2. Now sew the sides panels together. We want to achieve a very textured look so sew the with WRONG SIDES TOGETHER, from the mark on the pattern to the base.
  3. Once all the sides are sewn together, trim the seam allowance to about 5mm from the seam and zig zag stitch the edges together to bind them.
  4. Next attach the base, again with the seam on the OUTSIDE, trim and zig zag around as before.
The last step is to put the bag in the washing machine on a hot wash with a long spin to really distress the surface, and there you have it a highly textured recycled denim bag.

A close up of the bag after a hot wash, you may be able to see the seam and a bit of the reverse fabric.

I will of course put a copy of the pattern and the usual PDF instructions on the website for you over the next couple of days, and watch out tomorrow night for the announcement of next weeks project.

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Plum Cox said...

I love your concept of weekly recycled projects - and I particularly love this project too!

Well done - and keep up the good work.