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Saturday, 20 August 2011

33rd project completed - A fizzy drinks can oil burner!

Hi, well this one has been great fun so simple and very effective not to mention useful!

An essential oil burner made from two Diet Coke cans! I think these would make great little gifts with some practice or prove very useful used with Citronella essence for those late summer outdoor parties to keep the bugs at bay!


  • 2 fizzy drinks cans
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Car spray paint
  • Tea-light


1. Cut the top off of one can with a can opener (I used a can opener that goes on the top rather than the side).

2. Cut a semi-circular area out at the bottom of the can to to insert the candle, and make some holes with a hole punch or a screwdriver. Please take care as the edges can become sharp when cut.

3. Cut the bottom off another can and place it on the top to act as a bowl to place your essence in.

4. To decorate: Spray all parts with the spray paint to hide the advertising on the can and glue on some beads or stones.

5. Place a tea-light in the bottom and add some essence to the bowl, light the tea-light and there you are a home made essence burner! I might take this one a little further and add a handle to the next one and maybe try some shaped punches for the holes.

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