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Saturday, 12 November 2011

45th project completed - a 'stained glass' keyring

I am finding it hard to believe it is Saturday again already. So what did I make with the plastic packaging? 

A 'stained glass' keyring. Does any one remember shrinkies / shrinkie dinks??? Well the type of plastic found in some plastic packaging has very similar properties. You will find it labelled number 6 on the recycling stamp marked on the packaging (it has to be the non-foam type number 6).

Materials needed

  • Number 6 type plastic
  • Permanent marker pens
  • Key chain ring and chain
  • 4 x Jewellery pins
  • Some small beads and 4 x handmade sweetie wrapper beads (as made in project 1 of the challenge)
  • A small piece of tin foil
  • Multi purpose glue (like UHU)

1. The first job is to thoroughly clean your packaging making sure any labels are completely removed and no sticky glue remains.

2. Cut a section from the bottom of your packaging and using the permanent pens, decorate it as desired. I drew random intersecting lines on mine but you could draw a motif or favourite design instead. Outline in a black pen to simulate the leaded lines separating the panes.

3. Place in an oven at about 180 degrees Celsius. It will curl up then settle down flat again but shrunken when it is ready. Once cooled, glue your piece onto a small piece of tin foil to accentuate the colours.

4. Trim to a desired shape and punch a hole at the top to accommodate the key ring.

5. Thread some beads onto the jewellery pins and make a hook at one end. 


6. Now pierce 4 holes in the bottom of your piece to take the jewellery pins. Thread them through and turn in the end to form a loop to attach.

7. To finish add the key chain and there you are, a highly unusual key ring made from recycled plastic packaging.

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Dina Newton-Edwards said...

I really like this idea! I might have to start eating meat again to that I can get some of the packaging to experiment with!