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Sunday, 20 March 2011

12th project announcement

Number 12 already I can't believe it.
No Top Gear tonight so the guys are a bit miffed. I have one ear and eye on The Antiques Roadshow as I write this so please excuse any spelling mistakes!

I have spent all day getting ready for the environment showcase on Tuesday. I have printed leaflets and cards and borrowed some display boards from my step-mother - Ta Sue. I just need to think how I am going to display all the pieces I have made so far as part of the challenge......

Anyway back to the matter at hand; we seem to get through an awful amount of crisps in this house. I always end up buying one or two multi-packs a week and always wonder what to do with the outer wrappers. They cannot be recycled locally and take up a lot of space in the bin. So this week I am going to try something with those. I have saved up a few weeks worth now so I should have enough.

Join me late next Saturday night for the finished item.

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