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Saturday, 26 March 2011

12th project completed - A cute little knitted purse!

Well here it is, a cute little knitted purse made from the crisp multi-pack wrappers. I have kept it very simple as I am no great knitter!

Materials needed:
  • 3 - 4 crisp multi-pack wrappers
  • Left over wool
  • An old button
  • Knitting needles
  • Thread
  • A thick sewing needle with a large eye
  • Normal sewing needle
  • Left over sequins

1. Lay your multi-pack wrappers on a flat surface and cut across them into strips through both layers to make a series of loops.
2. To make the yarn pass one loop through another then back through itself to make a knot. very carefully tighten the knot, continue to add loops in this way to make a long length of 'yarn'. If any break remove them.
3. Cast on 8 stitches and knit approx. 35 rows in stocking stitch.

4. Cast off, you should now have a rectangle of knitted fabric. Weave in any ends and pull straight.
5. Fold the fabric into 3 (two equal and one slightly shorter) and using the wool, stitch together with a chunky buttonhole stitch.
6. Make a button loop, again with buttonhole stitch

7. Add the button and decorate with the sequins. Once the button as been sewn on you can add a sequin to the middle and decorate it how you like!

There we have it a simple but very cute knitted purse. See you tomorrow for next week's project materials!

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