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Saturday, 31 December 2011

52nd Project Completed - A 'Gilded' Panel

Well here we are, the 52nd and final project of the Challenge! 

I decided to go out with a bang and produce a totally textile inspired piece, more along the lines of my normal work. I hope you will find it interesting.

A panel inspired by a Russian icon made from sweetie wrappers and wrapping paper!

I have been meaning to get round to stitching a Russian style panel for ages as I have always admired them as an art form, and I feel it is quite apt for the time of year. Originally I thought of making it from fabric, but since starting this challenge I have decided to make it more 'multimedia' in make up so grab your glue spray, paint, paper and sewing machine and off we go!

Materials required:

  • Left over Christmas wrapping paper
  • Left over sweetie wrappers in Jewel like colours
  • A small piece of synthetic fabric (I used a scrap of Evolon which I was sent as a sample)
  • Adhesive spray suitable for fabric such as AD505
  • Sewing machine
  • Threads
  • Computer and printer
  • Freezer paper
  • A piece of fabric to use as a base, this can be anything - I used an old pillowcase
  • A stretched canvas ready for covering - luckily I had one lurking in the loft left over from my college days!
  • Fabric paints
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Scissors
  • An old chiffon scarf (the darker and finer the better!)
  • Staple gun

1. The very first thing to do is to measure your canvas, mine measures 30cms x 40cms so my backing fabric will have to be 46cm x 56cm to allow for wrapping around the canvas and attaching at the back. Once you have the measurement cut a piece of fabric this size. 

2. Now to getting all the pieces of the 'collage' together. The first step is to iron some freezer paper to an A4 sized piece of fabric and print out an image of your icon the correct size (I used an image from an old Christmas card. I played around with my image, cropped it down to just the figures and printed it out to get the size I wanted). 

3. Cut out your image and spray the reverse with some fabric adhesive spray, place it in the centre of your backing fabric and smooth it down. Now paint in some detail if required with some fabric paint.

3. Start to build up a frame around your image with torn pieces of wrapping paper and other shiny bits like chocolate and sweetie wrappers. Attach them using the spray adhesive The aim here is to achieve a worn, distressed look so don't be too precise!

4. Now add some Halos around the figures, again with torn paper.

5. You will find that the panel is now very gaudy, to knock it back and make it easier to stitch, spray the panel with a coat of the adhesive spray then smooth an old chiffon scarf over the top. The darker the better as this will not change the colours too much. Mine was a really dark blue scarf.

6. Now to the sewing machine...Thread up with some metallic thread and drop the feed dogs. Now embroider away to your hearts content. Try a meandering stitch around the frame, straight stitch around outlines and Halos etc. Change colours of thread and add detail to the figures. You may find it helpful to wind a few bobbins beforehand so you don't have to keep stopping to wind some. 

7. Once you are happy with your stitching, wrap it around and staple it to the canvas on the reverse.

And there we are the end of the challenge, 

I would just like to say a big thank you to all of you for supporting me along the way. I hope you have all enjoyed the projects as much as I have creating them. I also hope that I have come up with something that you all could have a go at. I have tried to keep the projects varied so that they appeal to all levels of skill and interest. 

Do pop into the Blog from time to time as you never know what I may be up to in the future - my next project will be a wearable art piece for the National Quilt Championships 2012 (hopefully) so keep an eye out for me there. If I do make any more recycled items, which undoubtedly I will, I will pop them on the blog for all to see.

The website will be available all year should you wish to download any more projects and I will get the last couple up there this week for you all. 

Anyway, this is me signing off and wishing you a very happy and crafty New Year!



Bossymamma said...

Hi Julie
Thank you so much for all your inspiring work over the year. I've really enjoyed watching your challenge - trying to figure out what you could possibly do with some of the items and then being absolutely amazed at the end result.
I shall really miss my weekly 'fix' of recycling. Are you sure you don't want to stretch yourself some more???
Thank you again and the very best of luck in all you do.

Sue172 said...

Hi Julie
That is a truly inspirational finish to a wonderful year of recycling projects. Looking forward to your wearable art design. Well done!!!!

sachin bhardwaj said...

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sachin bhardwaj said...

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