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Saturday, 18 June 2011

24th Project Completed - Floaty 'feather' earrings

What a dreadful day weather wise! I don't think it stopped raining for more than a few minutes all day! Mind you it did give me some inspiration for this week's project. I was watching a dove in the back garden this morning and as it started to rain it fluttered away. As it flew it dropped one of it's feathers and it reminded me of a project I did a long time ago using heavy interfacing. It struck me that it would work just as well with the plastic milk container I needed to use so here it is..................

A pair of feather earrings made from a recycled milk container!

Materials used

  • A 2l plastic milk container
  • Scissors
  • Large 'wool' needle
  • Jump rings and earring wires taken from some broken jewellery
  • Jewellery pliers


1. Cut off the top and bottom of the container, remove the label and cut open the middle piece to create a flat sheet.


2. Cut out 2 larger feather shapes and 2 smaller ones. Then with sharp scissors, cut small slits (about 1mm wide down each side. Then using a wool needle score lines on the back to add detail and shape the feather. 

3. Now pierce a hole through the top of each feather and using the jump rings attach one large feather and one small feather to each earring wire.

There we have it a fab pair of earrings suitable for all occasions!


Plum Cox said...

What a lovely idea! I'm tempted to steal it for a crafty 'girls night in' idea. Thanks for sharing!

Leidenhausen said...

I really like this project, Im so into re-using everything around me. we just finished stuffing ourselves too & had a lot of plastic containers from the cream (used for topping the pavlova).
So feeling so stuffed & heavy from all the feasting I sat in front of telly watching "Jean Florette" and making earrings would love to share with you!!!