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Saturday, 25 June 2011

25th project completed - a scary dragon sock puppet!

I love making puppets, it really is something I should do more often. So here he is my latest creation in the recycle4real challenge. I think I shall call him Ignatius - don't know why but it seems to suit him!


        Odd sock any colour will do as you can add colour with the fabric paint!
        Scraps of felt / craft foam
        Fabric paint
        Needle and thread



1. Cut out the spikes, eye parts, ears, nostrils, tail, teeth and eyebrows from the scraps of felt or craft foam


2. Pinch the ears together at the bottom where marked and secure with a couple of stitches, set aside.

3. Using glue, or a needle and thread sandwich three sets of spikes together so that the middle one sticks up above the other two slightly.

4. Push your hand into the sock and mark where you are going to put the parts

5. Take off the sock and carefully stitch / glue the parts securely into place.

6. If you wish, you can add some detail such as scales using fabric paint, and add extra sequins, beads or buttons to finish if you like

There you have him, Ignatius the not so ferocious dragon sock puppet!  

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