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Saturday, 2 July 2011

26th Project Completed - A bubble wrap cosmetics bag!


I have now completed the 26th project in the challenge and here it is - a cosmetics bag made from the large bubbled bubble wrap I saved from the bin last weekend.


  • Large bubbled bubble wrap about 50cm
  • Coloured carrier bag
  • Scraps of fleece, silk fibres or threads and fabric
  • Reclaimed Zip
  • Clear sandwich type bag
  • Iron
  • parchment paper / Teflon sheet
  • Sharp small scissors


1. Taking half your bubble wrap, carefully slit open the bubbles from the reverse and start stuffing with small amounts of your threads / fibres. Use a pen or similar to help.

2. Once all the bubbles are stuffed layer up layers as follows on top of a piece of parchment paper: 

Bottom layer = The other half of bubble wrap
Layer 2 = Coloured carrier bag
Layer 3 = More threads / fibres
Layer 4 = Your stuffed bubble wrap
Layer 5 = Sandwich bag

Cover with another piece of parchment paper and press with the iron so layers fuse together. Cut two rectangles out of your fabric

3. Insert the zip between the two sections then stitch all the way around the bag.

4. Open out the bag and voila!


Plum Cox said...

Fantastic idea! And you are half-way through the year, well done! Give yourself a big pat on the back for all your inventive ideas so far!

Julie Williams said...

thank you, it is lovely to get feedback it really keeps me going especially on an 'I feel lazy week'!