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Sunday, 10 July 2011

28th Project announcement - something a bit special

Good evening,

I have had a really busy day today at Hollycombe , what with helping to remove a fallen tree from the Narrow Gauge railway track this morning. Helping to organise the first 'friend's' raffle and cleaning out our engine's boiler this afternoon, I have had quite enough to keep me occupied!

So now, tired but happy with the days work I am now going to let you all in on what I will be using for this week's project....

A a fellow volunteer at Hollycombe, Paul McCarthy , builds fairground organs and supplies the folding cardboard music books that make the organs play. He had lots of off-cuts from the edges of the books with him today and they were about to go on the fire of one of the engines when I grabbed a few for this week's project.

He has challenged me to come up with something - so here goes!

To see more about his organs CLICK HERE

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