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Saturday, 23 July 2011

29th project completed - a couple of revamped lamp shades


Well number 29 was really quite fun! As promised I have recycled two lampshades using simple decorative techniques,

one to fit the lamp-base I made last week ....

and one for the top of my stairs which was originally looking really grotty and about to go to the bin....

Materials needed.

Lampshade 1

  • Old lampshade
  • Some left over heavy thread to compliment the colour scheme of the room
  • Fabric paint
  • Large eyed sharp needle
Lampshade 2

  • Old paper shade
  • Some left over silk and wool fibres
  • Glue (PVA will do)
  • Some dried leaves and petals
Instructions - Lampshade 1

1. Using fabric paint colour your lampshade to match the colour scheme of your room this is particularly good if, like mine, the shade is rather faded.

2. Using a large eyed needle and some embroidery thread, stitch long stitches down the length of the shade taking a short stitch inside the shade to move along.

3. Keep going until the shade is completely covered. 

There we have it an easy new look for an old shade.

Lampshade 2

1. Firstly remove all dust from the shade. Then apply a wet mixture of PVA and water with a large soft brush to a section of the shade and start laying down some fibres onto it. Pay particular to any ripped areas.

2. Smooth down the fibres with the brush or your hands.

3. Continue in this way until the whole shade is covered. Leave to dry completely before re-hanging.

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