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Saturday, 1 October 2011

39th Project completed - a zip flower

What a warm day! It has been about 28 degrees out today -  really warm especially for October! They do say that it will break all the records for an October day in the UK today, I wouldn't be at all surprised!!!!

It has been far too warm this week to do much heated craft work but this one is nice and simple and should appeal to most of you, as you can use them however you like whether it be as a topping for cards, as embellishments for sewing projects such as bags or as I have, as hair accessories.

So what are they?

Zip flowers!!!

  • An old zip
  • Scissors
  • Strong sewing thread
  • Needle
  • Seed Beads and thin wire
  • Long nosed pliers


1. Firstly you need to separate the two parts of the Zip by cutting off the bottom stop of the zip. Then open the zip so you have two halves.

2. Next run a row of gathering stitches along the half you are using. Carefully pull up the stitches,  and then manipulate it around to create the centre of the flower, you will need to add a few holding stitches to hold it all together. If you are using a shorter zip add the remaining half of the zip in the same way to make the flower larger.


3. Cut some pieces of wire. Fold each in half then add a bead to the end by bending the wire back on itself with a pair of long nosed pliers. Push each pair through the centre towards the back and stitch into place.

4. To finish you can use the flower however you wish, I added a hair pin to mine but you could stick it to a card. Or sew a few onto a bag, add a brooch back or even add to shoe clips! You could also decorate with more beads or colour with some fabric paint.

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