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Saturday, 8 January 2011

1st project completed - Sweetie wrapper bracelet

I have made this gorgeous bracelet from sweetie wrappers and wire. I hope you like it!

Materials needed:

  1. Sweetie wrappers - 'Quality street' type wrappers work best as they have separate foil and cellophane layers.
  2. Thin coloured craft wire (about 28 gauge is easiest to work with)
  3. Clear beading elastic - Just enough to go around your wrist comfortably with enough spare to securely knot.

To make the beads

  1. Fold the foil part of the wrapper into 4 lengthwise
  2. Wrap this in the cellophane part of the wrapper
  3. Wrap the wrapper tightly around a knitting thin knitting needle
  4. Bind the wrapper tightly with thin craft wire making a few of turns around the knitting needle at each end of the bead.
  5. Remove the bead from the knitting needle.

You could also embellish the beads with some lines of stitching / some metallic paint or peel offs before wrapping around the knitting needle.

To make up the bracelet:

  1. Thread the beads onto some clear beading elastic
  2. Knot securely a few times and snip off excess.
There we have it, the first project in the recycle4real challenge.

Why not have a go yourself and send us in a photo to and we will show it in the gallery on the recycle4real website!

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