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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Update - Week 1

Well this weeks project is well under way now and I am getting some great results. I am really looking forward to showing you all at the end of the week!

I have been a bit pre-occupied this week though as we are getting a new puppy on Saturday! I can't wait, so as well as the recycling project I have been busy preparing for her arrival.

Today I made a dog bed from a couple of old pillowcases, a sheet which I found at the back of the airing cupboard and some left over batting which I found in the loft. I folded the sheet so that it would fit inside the pillowcase nicely, wrapped this in batting and placed it inside the first pillowcase which I then stitched closed. Then I stitched a few stitches through all the layers at equidistant intervals across the bed to hold it all together. This was then placed inside the 2nd pillowcase which was then stitched closed securely. Hopefully it will be strong enough to withstand sharp puppy teeth!

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