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Saturday, 2 April 2011

13th Project completed - A Small Springtime Container

Well this one's a bit of a challenge, ideal for those of you addicted to hand stitch! This little spring time inspired pot was made from a few scraps of fabric, a herb pot and a lot of patience! It was made as a gift for mothers day.

Happy Mother's day Mum

Materials needed
  1. A small herb pot
  2. A few scraps of fabric
  3. Embroidery threads
  4. Embroidery hoop
  5. Needle
  6. Scissors
  7. Hacksaw or similar



1. Using a junior hacksaw or similar, cut the top and bottom off your herb pot so you are left with three pieces. Discard the middle piece.

2. Draw around the top and bottom parts of your pot to make a pattern to cover your pot plus lining. You will need 4 circles 1 each for the bottom, top and 2 for lining. You will also need 2 wider strips and two narrower strips.

3. Put your fabric into an embroidery hoop and proceed to cover one of the wider fabric bands (which will cover the bottom section) in French knots. I did them in drifts of different colours. I then added some little butterflies in lazy daisy and straight stitch. Cover the narrower lid band in matching knots.

4. Now embroider the top - first make two layers of lazy daisy stitch then fill with French knots.

5. Cut out the pieces very carefully and stitch together the lid top and band tight around the lid. Then taking the main band and a plain circle of felt stitch them together around the pot covering it completely. Now assemble the lining and slip stitch together.

And there you have it, a lovely little spring time pot. Well worth the effort

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