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Saturday, 23 April 2011

16th project completed - a colourful garden mobile

Hello again! This week I have been trying to sort out my garden, not an easy job with two young dogs intent on destroying it at every opportunity! I wondered if the aluminium drink cans I rescued from the rubbish could be used to brighten the garden up. They are, of course waterproof and durable. So I came up with this........

A colourful garden mobile to hang from my shed!

Materials required

  • An aluminium drinks can
  • Fishing wire or beading nylon
  • A few beads from a broken necklace
  • Needle
  • Sharp small scissors

1. Cut the top and bottom off your drinks can, then cut down the can and open out to create a flat sheet of metal.

2. Draw 3 circles of differing sizes onto the sheet of aluminium and carefully cut out (the edges will be very sharp so take care).

3.Now cut out the middle of each circle. Save one of the removed circles to create a 'twiddly' bit for the bottom of your mobile. Pierce holes at the top and bottom of each shape with a needle.

4. String together with the fishing wire and beads to create a hanging mobile and add a hanging loop at the top.

5. Hang up and enjoy!

And there you have it, a colourful mobile to adorn your garden shed which will reflect the light whilst moving in the wind!

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