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Saturday, 30 April 2011

17th Project completed - A Macrame hanging tidy!

Well here it is - Number 17. I am desperately trying to tidy up my work room at the moment so I thought I would try to make a few storage items over the next few weeks starting with this one. Based on the Macrame plant hangers so popular in the 70's it is a really handy hanging tidy which I can fill with all the little bits and pieces I have lying around on my desk. You will find instructions for all the knots HERE - A fantastic site for beginners in Macrame.

Instructions for making it below!

Materials used
  • Bailer Twine, (If you don't have any of this you could use string or raffia)
  • 3 x Polystyrene Cups
  • A ring from an old keyring


1. The first thing to do is to prepare your cups. Decide how tall you want them to be and cut around the cup to shorten them.

2. Then give them a couple of coats of Acrylic paint in colours to match your twine.

3. Now attach your 3 lengths of twine - folded in half, to the ring and hang it up somewhere so you can work on it easily

IMG00621-20110430-2026.jpg image by julytextiles

4.  For the top section: Work 4 Flat knots using two of the lengths of twine over a core of the other four. Then separate into colours. Work 15 half hitches in each colour to make spirals.

5. To make the pot holder section: Separate out the stands. Tie two knots halfway down your pot to the next colour. i.e blue to pink, pink to orange, orange to blue as above. Then gather together all the stands at the bottom of your pot and work 4 flat knots as in step 4. Repeat steps 4-5 for each pot.

6. To finish: Separate the strands into 2 sets and plait. Knot the ends and fray out edges. Fill with stuff!


How to Macrame said...

Nice work! I love seeing all the super create ways people are coming up with to incorporate a little bit of macrame, that is very inspiring! Yesterday I came across someone who was making macrame bracelets out of old tee shirts-ripping them into strips. very cool!

If you are looking for more info about how to macrame, I just wanted to post a link to our
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you'll find everything from how to macrame various types of knots, photos, inspiration and patterns. Lots of fun-if you are looking for more macrame instructions & ideas, you'll find it!

Micro Macrame patterns said...

That's an interesting use of macrame. I'm a big micro macrame fan, but I doubt I'd be able to do this with micro macrame.