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Saturday, 9 April 2011

14th project completed! A small Easter basket

Well I promised something with and Easter theme this week, and here it is. A small easter basket, ideal for giving as a gift, full of mini eggs!

Materials used:
  • Scraps of thread etc. left over from previous projects
  • A couple of scraps of left over heavy water soluble embroidery stabiliser approx. 7" square.
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Warm water
  • Gold netting
  • Mini eggs
  • Small drinking glass
  • Cling film

1. Randomly lay your scraps of thread on top of one layer of water soluble stabiliser. Now add a top layer of stabliser and pin to secure.

2. Stitch vertical lines across your fabric about 1/4" apart then turn your fabric 90 degrees and stitch lines again.

3. Once the fabric has been completely covered in the stitched grid, place in a bowl of warm water and agitate carefully to remove most of the stabiliser. You need to leave a little to help with the moulding in the next step.

4. Cover a small rounded drinking glass or similar in cling film. Turn it upside down, then carefully mould your fabric around it as shown in the picture above.

5. Leave to dry.

6. Once dry remove from the mould and carefully trim any loose ends etc.. I did not tidy my edges too much as I liked the as they were. You can of course, neaten up the edges as you please.

7. Place a small amount of gold netting or tissue paper in the bottom of the basket and fill with chocolate mini eggs, making sure that you try a few to make sure they are OK!


Dina said...

The photos make it look as though water-soluble fabric is quite easy to use. It's certainly a very effective finish, especially with the ends left rather than tidied up too much.
Another great idea!

Julie Williams said...

Hi Dina, yes it is very easy to use, you just have to remember that all your stitching needs to join up otherwise it will just unravel - that is why I started with a grid of stitching to demonstrate it. You could also try overlapping circles / loops. As with all these projects I am trying to keep things relatively simple so no-one is too scared to have a go!