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Saturday, 16 April 2011

15th Project completed - a springtime bangle!

Hi, this weeks project was really fun and quite quick once I had worked it all out. I have made a bangle from the industrial cardboard tube using some leaflets which arrived through the post from local garden centres etc.

Materials used:

  • Industrial cardboard tube
  • Magazines / leaflets
  • PVA Glue
  • Acrylic paints
  • Acrylic varnish
  • Paint brush
  • Hacksaw
  • Sharp scissors

Instructions to make the bangle blank


1. Mark your tube in 3cm segments and cut to size with a hacksaw.

 2. Sand to smooth edges, and then remove a 1cm section as above. Round off the edges with a pair of sharp scissors and re sand. You now have a blank bangle to decorate as you wish.

Once you have the bangle blanks made you could decorate them anyway you like. Paint them, cover them in fabric or paper or just stain or varnish them as you please!

How I decorated my bangle

1. I used torn pieces of paper taken from the leaflets to make a background, these were stuck to the bangle blank with PVA glue to look like a mosaic.

2. I applied some motifs onto the background which were carefully cut from the leaflets and glued on, then left the whole thing to dry. 

3. I then painted the inside and edges carefully with acrylic paint to match the outside and painted a very light wash over the whole thing to blend it all together. Then I left it to dry completely .

4. To finish, I added a couple of coats of gloss acrylic varnish to add depth and shine.

There we have it, a bangle to enjoy wearing this spring.

Join me tomorrow evening for the next project announcement!

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